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progeCAD Architecture

2D/3D Architectural Building Information Modeling

progeCAD Architecture


progeCAD Architecture is a 2D & 3D Architectural Building Information Modeling software using DWG as its native file format. Powerful BIM technology helps you to draw faster and easier in 2D & 3D.

AutoCAD users will increase productivity dramatically and yet maintain 100% DWG based drawings

In either 2D or 3D view, progeCAD Architecture provides you with intelligent parametric object libraries for buildings, houses or interiors. Draw walls, windows, doors, stairs, balconies, roofs and furniture. Simply pick a shape and modify its dimensions. Editing your 3D project is as easy as a double-click on the element, changing dimensions and/or move the element using drag and drop. The model maintains integrity by keeping those objects which may be attached updated with the new object location (i.e. draw a window in a wall, wall heals itself around new position of window).

  • AutoCAD®-friendly: Same format, similar look and feel
  • Our architectural software also includes most of the features of popular CAD software.
  • Create 3D stairs and roofs in a few clicks
  • Create linked 2D drawings and views from the 3D model automatically : floor plans, elevations, perspective views, cross sections, etc. Views stay updated in real-time!
  • Low learning curve even for non-designers. An exceptional low-cost alternative to Revit or ArchiCAD, progeCAD Architecture is much faster and intuitive to learn.
progeCAD Architecture

progeCAD Architecture Strong Points

  • DWG compatibility combined with innovative BIM (Building Information Modeling)
  • Advanced Design structure continuously updates your set of working drawings (plans, sections, views, perspectives, etc) while keeping changes made by the user (insertion of library items, text, annotation, etc).
  • Similar approach to Revit® or Archicad®
  • Project drawings smart explorer (tree-view browser of the project's drawings).
  • Faster rendering performances based on OpenGL, allowing real time virtual walk through of the rendered model.
  • Enhanced roof modeler with unlimited options to design any type of roof structure and add components such as attics, lofts, skylights, inclined openings and many others.
  • Intelligent design to create even more building entities (i.e. chimneys, pergolas and others).
  • Significant improvements regarding architectural design refinements (i.e. smart automatic unions between building objects only if necessary, optional hiding of the wall/slab lines on the views or sections, object definition through polylines in every dialog, etc), as well as the topographical design (fully automatic creation of triangular irregular networks depicting the ground model).
  • Unrivaled performance due to the high speed IntelliCAD v.6.6 CAD engine.
    Other new enhancements include: new interface, properties panel, polar tracking, and many others.
  • 2D and 3D Block libraries
  • Automatic dimensioning,  3D furniture libraries, Walkthrough videos, bill of materials, 3D ground generation and excavation…
progeCAD Architecture

progeCAD Architecture Major Features

Architectural Modeling

With progeCAD Architecture you can design directly on the 3D building model, by manipulating the architectural objects and elements just like "modeling clay" objects, freely shaped in real time. This allows even the most complicated design ideas to be realized very easily and quickly.

High Quality Rendering

With PhotoPRO you can create high quality photo-realistic images thanks to the OpenGL speed, state-of-the-art ray-tracing technology with materials and textures already built in to many objects.

Live walkthrough

With WalkPRO you can take a real-time virtual stroll through the photo-realistic 3D model, inside, outside, ascend staircases, open doors, etc. all while recording to avi video.

Composite Element & Structures

progeCAD Architecture includes a set of sophisticated dialogs and modelers to create slabs, staircases, roofs, rails and vertical or horizontal elements of any type and shape.

progeCAD Architecture provides:

  • Dialog boxes to define and shape beams, columns, slabs and other structural elements
  • Staircase modeler to generate even the most complex shapes, along with their parts and accessories.
  • Roof modeler with unlimited options to design any type of roof structure and add components such as attics, lofts, skylights, inclined openings and others.
  • Dialogs for vertical elements, gables, ramps, rails and many more specific building entities such as chimneys and pergolas.
progeCAD Architecture


Building Information Modeling

progeCAD Architecture is an Architectural Software with sophisticated BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology.

Drawing in 3D with progeCAD Architecture is simpler and more productive than generic CAD Software such as AutoCAD®.

DWG Compatibility

Despite the creation of a sophisticated Architectural Model, the progeCAD Architecture file type is DWG and can be shared throughout your network of vendors and customers without fear of data loss or degredation!

Autocad®-like engine

Full set of standard CAD features. 2D and 3D drawing commands with Surfaces and ACIS solids

3D Walk-through

progeCAD Architecture sports a virtual reality component generating walk through scenarios in a very simple manner: Any virtual "trip" can be stored as an avi file. More than a simple walk, the "Walk" group of commands permit many other visual effects, such as ascending a staircase, the option to open a door while "walking" etc. In addition, the module can offer the experience of a 4D stereoscopic reality through a pair of stereo glasses.

progeCAD ArchitectureprogeCAD ArchitectureAutoCAD

Ability to work directly on the real 3D Building Model

All the project drawing aspects (views, sections, axonometric etc) are being globally updated

The entire building (composed of parts/levels) can be globally edited & shaped

Properties button on any objects

Editing of simple object entities (i.e. walls, slabs, beams etc)

Editing of more complicated objects (directly or through parametric dialogs)

Group editing capabilities (i.e. modify a common feature of a group of building elements)

Use of generators for standard building entities (i.e. openings)

Parametric modeling of specific Objects (i.e. slabs, gables, rails etc)

Intelligent modelers of complicated architectural components (i.e. stair modeler, roof modeler and others)

Dimensions automatically assigned to Objects

Synergistic Integration among Architectural drawing, Photorealism and Animation

Object libraries easily adapted within the 3D model

Automatic listing of the Bill of materials

Application & Editing of Materials textures on the drawing

High Accuracy regarding the Rendered 3D Model

Model Rendering & Animation capabilities

Integration options with civil and mechanical engineering vertical applications

Easy to learn and work productively after a quick training

Time to complete a project is a small fraction comparing with a flat design program

Time to edit/modify a project is a small fraction comparing with a flat design program

progeCAD Architecture

progeCAD Architecture Licensing

Licenses and Services:

progeCAD Architecture License Types
SL - Single license can be registered on one PC at a time

iCare now available for progeCAD Architecture


iCare is the key to becoming immediately productive and to having the certainty of working always with the most recently updated software


  • all updates and new versions of progeCAD Architecture released within the iCare validity period
  • premium technical support, delivered online
  • online training course for a quick insight into advanced features
  • access to reserved area with exclusive services


The iCare services is supplied together with progeCAD Architecture for a reduced fee, or may be purchased within a maximum of 30 days of the purchase date.  


UNRIVALED PRODUCTIVITY: With progeCAD Architecture you model in 3D faster than your efforts in traditional 2D CAD software. Easily extract the 2D drawings from your 3D model. Modify the 3D model the linked 2D drawings update automatically!
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