progeOFFICE for Microsoft

Linking progeCAD Objects with Microsoft Office

progeOFFICE, a series of progeADD-on products running on progeCAD Professional, is a line of products linking Microsoft Office products with progeCAD.

The progeOFFICE applications allow you to bi-directionally link your drawings with the office applications including Excel, Word, and Access. You can choose to edit your data either in progeCAD or in the Microsoft Office application. When changes are made from either inside CAD or inside Office, these programs keep the data synchronized between each application.
progeTABLE for Microsoft Excel
Creates tables in progeCAD drawings, importing Microsoft Excel spreadheets, creating a bi-directional link between the table in your drawing and the Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet!
Printed on:  January 19, 2017 3:49 PM