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progeBILLD HVAC Piping

progeBILLD HVAC and Piping : AutoCAD Software : progeCAD USA


progeBILLD HVAC/Piping Overview

This program requires progeCAD Professional to operate

ProgeBILLD HVAC/Piping is a powerful application - with both HVAC and piping design combined in one package - running on core CAD software - to create power plant, building and facilities designs used in architectural plans and details.

It contains Intelligent inserting and removing symbols, creating fittings and standard parts for automatic generation of specifications.

Design any kind of installation (HVAC and piping, water and sewage, ventilation, cooling installation, gas installation design, pulp and paper, high tech wafer fabrication, chemical processing, and more). Complete CAD library of MEP, HVAC, piping and air conditioning symbols based on DIN, EN, ISO and national standards. Automatic insertion of suitable fittings, join pipes and air ducts, piping, insert elbows, T-parts, reducers etc.

progeBILLD Mechanics Brochure


Ease of use

progeBILLD HVAC/Piping is very user-friendly. The program contains an intuitive, clear user-interface, allowing you to begin designing without intensive software-training.

Industry Compatibility

The progeBILLD Software, runs on our low-cost AutoCAD Clone software progeCAD Professional... It creates drawings that anyone running many different CAD applications based on DWG can utilize (such as AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, IntelliCAD, and many others).

progeBILLD increases productivity without giving up your right to choose your CAD design software: it creates standard DWG objects, those that can be displayed in any DWG based software.

"allowing you to begin designing without intensive software-training."

progeBILLD HVAC/Piping Major Features

progeBILLD has an extensive list of powerful features to help you get your drawings done quickly and efficiently. Here is a small subset of some of the features of progeBILLD HVAC/Plumb...

  • Design all kinds of installation types (HVAC, water-supply-and-sewage, medical, cooling installation, gas fittings and any technological installations in industry and architecture). You can create any kind of pipe as needed.
  • Complete library of standard HVAC objects and symbols based on DIN, EN, ISO and national standards. You can also create customised objects. An import-function is available for objects of other providers.
  • Drawing isometric view with the ability to insert symbols in different views. Automatically transform all symbols (incl. user-symbols) to an isometric view
  • Design installations with automatic insertion of suitable fittings.
  • Automatically join pipes and air ducts. Automatically insert elbows, T-parts, reducers etc.
  • Extended set of objects based on standards and catalogues of prestigious producers. A lot of 3D objects are available in the manufacturers library
  • Numbering system and object description, specifying all technical data
  • Automatically create legends and descriptions.
  • Automatically create specifications with export possibility to PDF, XLS, XLM, CSV, HTMT, RTF and more.

progeBILLD 8.0 Changes:

"Quick edit" Additional Options
  • Copying - this option allows for quick symbols copying with automatically inserting into lines.
  • Rotation - quick symbol rotation relating to base points.
  • Scaling - in new version we have updated symbols scaling with attributes.
  • Mirror - rapid reversal of symbols relative to the axis X or Y.
  • New command - "Edit symbols"

    Until now if you needed to edit such symbols it was necessary to erase the symbol and insert a new one. We have introduced the ability to edit symbols that are already inserted into the drawing. This new feature allows you to edit any piping, ventilation, electrical, mechanical and architectural symbol (including welds, roughness etc.). The command "Edit symbols" will also allow you to replace the symbol with an alternative symbol.

  • New command - "Insert similar object"

    With "Insert similar object", all you need to do to find the symbol you seek is to select the desired symbol in the drawing. "Insert similar object" rapidly opens the same category in the library, allowing you access to the necessary symbols faster.

  • Multi-variant symbols in the HVAC & Piping module

    With multi-variant symbols it becomes possible to select one symbol and change characteristics such as actuator, or the type of connection (for example: flanged, threaded, welded) rather than wading through pages of symbols to find the one you need.

  • Manufacturers library update + additional libraries added

    Equipment catalogs from the existing manufacturers has been updated and new catalogs are now available from manufacturers such as Reflex, Wilo, Legrand, etc.


    progeBILLD HVAC/Piping Screenshots

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    progeBILLD System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows NT / 2000 / XP / Vista.
  • Intel Pentium III 1 Ghz processor or faster, or compatible processor.
  • Minimum RAM - Besides the memory used by the Operating System a minimum 256 MB of RAM should be available.
  • Recommended RAM - We recommend 1 GB of RAM or more.
  • Hard Drive: 500 MB, 250 MB for program files, 250 MB free space
  • Display requirements: 1024x768 XGA with true color (minimum)
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