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Welcome my Friends!

Hey, while your here you might as well enjoy yourself and get a little education. We had quite a tour planned for you, but we understand that you'd rather go off and discover the world of progeCAD for yourself. Let me be the first to say congratulations. You are on your way to CAD freedom.

How We Roll and Why It Matters

progeCAD USA has been delivering progeCAD products to North America since the year 2005. Prior to that the founder was the COO of the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium (the group that creates the engine behind progeCAD). During this period the founder met with and was very impressed with one company, progeSOFT. Once he left the ITC to begin his own startup it was a natural fit to represent the progeSOFT company locally. What began as a progeCAD reseller has become a company who not only offers sales and support direct to the public, but now also distributes progeCAD through resellers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, with a full line of add-ons running on progeCAD distributed throughout the world through it's own Global reseller network.

Over the years our founder noticed the lack of competition that will occur when a single company dominates a market. Through acquisition or failure caused by unnatural circumstance, the market begins to lose innovation, begins to wither, which was happening in the CAD marketplace when a single company controlled the information and tools to create that information. The market needed a balancing act to stabilize ever inflating prices. This became especially important as the industry was beginning to mature and the market for CAD Software was beginning to become a commodity. If no further competitive choices were available the owner of the market could begin ever increasing upward spiral of pricing. It became clear that the reason for forming the ITC and progeCAD USA originally would be as important now as it has been at the turn of the millennium, which is to provide a choice for the end user, allowing them to choose the CAD package they employ and not be held to a single vendor for the tools they use everyday. This choice has been the driving force behind all we do.

Why does it matter that you have that choice? Imagine a world where you did not have a choice. Whereby there was only one company that sold the tools you needed to be able to do your work. No one else sold them, and the millions upon millions of widgets that you have to make changes to can only be changed with this one companies tool... Now, guess how much that tool would cost... And now imagine another company, progeCAD is here and you can use it to produce DWG drawings and tell the other company to jump in a lake, pay 1/10th the Price, and get to work immediately without worrying how you will pay for it... Because, without companies like progeCAD, your design tool just cost about 100 times more. I suppose you could say that's why it matters!

While I have your attention, let me point out highlights of these pages you may want to visit while you're here... Over there to the left you can get a bit of information about who is using progeCAD, in our Customer Hall of Fame: Folks like NASA! you've heard of them right?

There is also a lot of great information to offer anyone looking around for a replacement for AutoCAD, or even just a CAD package that adheres to the kind of, sort of, current industry standard. We are quite simply the value/price leader for delivering your DWG CAD tools.

Points of Interest

While your here, please stop by Social Networking, even if you have very little time. There you can find us on one of the social networks and keep an ear to the ground for what's up with us and our products.

We also want your use of our CAD system to be productive, so we offer a set of add-on programs that run in cooperation with progeCAD. Put it this way, progeCAD, like AutoCAD, is a CAD engine. It allows you to draw lines, arcs, and circles out of the box. However, it also can be automated bu. Commands can be combined, formulas built, all with the goal of allowing you to easily draw Walls, Doors and Windows instead! It's worth taking a closer look at the applications we offer, and those offered by others for progeCAD...

We've got a slick questions and answers application for helping you find answers to support issues, online help in the form of our progePEDIA, and a TV station running progeCAD 24/7, progeCAD TV - All progeCAD, All the time!

Enjoy your visit, and if you have any questions or comments, Contact us, and we'll try to do our best to answer your inquiry.

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