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What's New

progeTABLE: What's New

What's New in progeTABLE

progeTABLE 3.7 - Jul 10, 2009

    Embeds Workbook into AutoCAD (LT).
    Supports superscript and subscript format.
    Prompts the user to relocate the broken links when updating the tables.

progeTABLE 3.66 - Dec 10, 2008

    Support for named range of the Excel spreadsheet.
    Support for print area.
    Support for text rotation in the cell of the spreadsheet.
    Support for form controls.

progeTABLE 3.6 - Dec 20, 2007
>>Improvements 1. Support for conditional formatting; 2. Support for multiple fonts in a sing cell.

progeTABLE 3.5 - Dec 06, 2006
>>New Features:

    Import Excel embedded pictures and charts into AutoCAD.
    Now you can import your company logo, pie charts from Excel.
    Border/Text Color Mapping.
    Text Font Mapping.
    Import text as MText or Text.
    Import border as Polyline or Line.
    Import spreadsheet as Anounymous Block or AutoCAD Table.
    AutoCAD Table is only for AutoCAD 2005 or later.
    Repath the link references in the drawing.
    Turn on/off automatic update (Default: OFF).
    When a drawing is opened, progeTABLE objects will be automatically updated if the linked Excel spreadsheets have been changed.
    Use the command to release a floating license.
    Support three types of folder path information to save with a reference: an absolute path, a relative path, and no path.


    Accurate control of import scale.
    Accurate control of text height.
    Be able to update all tables in all layouts with one-click.

progeTABLE 3.3 - Nov 01, 2005
.Support for Floating License (FL) Program. (only available for AutoCAD (LT) version)
.More comprehensive dialog/command messages.
.Provide possible solutions for error messages.
.Add more FAQs in manual

progeTABLE 3.2 - Aug 15, 2005
.Support for basic Excel AutoShapes, such as line, circle, oval,rectangle, and arrows etc.
.Support for arrowheads on line shapes (open, stealth, triangle, diamond, oval).
.Support for cell diagonal

>>Support for Unicode Encoding.
You can work with multi-language character sets, such as East Asian languages.

>>Allow users to bring in several
spreadsheets from a workbook with multiple worksheets.

>>support for overwrite installation:
you don't have to remove the old version, reinstall the new one and re-enter you license certificate.

>>Fixed Issues
progeTABLE Toolbar disappears in Excel sometimes.

progeTABLE 3.12 - Jul 13, 2005
.Be able to import Excel sheet into Paper (Layout) Space
.give up 'scale' option. This option confuse users.

Fixed Issues
.pattern issue while using acadiso.dwt
.scale issue with boderline width

progeTABLE 3.1 - Jun 20, 2005
.Support symbols importing
.Support cell pattern
.Be able to discard cell shading/pattern
.Update all tables at one time

progeTABLE 3.0 - May 15, 2005
New Features:
.Update table
Imported table are linking to the original Excel spreadsheet, you can keep it updated anytime.
.Range Import
You are able to import part of an Excel spreadsheet.
.Speed up
import/update speeds up, 50-100% faster than other similar tools.

progeTABLE 2.7 - Apr 10, 2005
Wrap text, merged cell and vertical text are handled gracefully

progeTABLE 2.4 - Mar 15, 2005
Full control of font type, layer, color during importing.
Hidden columns or rows will be discard in building AutoCAD table from Excel.

progeTABLE 2.0 - Feb 01, 2005
Fixed Issues:
Cell margin

Support Excel cell shading.

progeTABLE 1.0 Beta Test - Jan 15, 2005
Cadig External Test Program is designed to expose prerelease software to a wide range of equipment and real-world usage. External Test participants receive prerelease software, test scripts, and documentation to review and test.

We receive a lot of feedbacks from our Beta Test volunteers.

progeTABLE 1.0 Alpha Test - Dec 01, 2004
For the last half a year, the Cadig software development team has worked to develop innovative AutoCAD Add-on TableBar to assist in the CAD design process.

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