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Modifying entities

Modifying entities

Modifying entities

progeCAD provides many editing tools for modifying a drawing. You can easily move, rotate, stretch, or change the scale of drawing entities. When you want to remove an entity, you can delete it with a few clicks of the mouse. You can also make multiple copies of any entity and copy entities from one drawing to another.

You can modify most entities using general-purpose editing commands. Some complex entities require special commands to modify specific properties. Most of these tools and commands are located on the Modify toolbar and the Modify menu. This section explains how to:

  • Select entities using entity-selection methods and grips.
  • Change the properties of entities.
  • Rearrange entities by moving, rotating, or changing the display order.
  • Resize entities by stretching, scaling, extending, trimming, or editing their lengths.
  • Break and join entities.
  • Edit polylines.
  • Explode entities.
  • Create chamfers and fillets.

Breaking and joining entities

Chamfering and filleting entities

Copying entities

Deleting entities

Editing polylines

Exploding entities

Modifying the properties of entities

Rearranging entities

Resizing entities

Selecting entities

Break an entity

Chamfer two entities using the distance-distance method

Change grip settings

Change the length of an entity by dragging

Copy a selection set once

Copy entities to the Clipboard

Create a Crossing Window

Create a polar array

Create a rectangular array

Create a Window-Inside

Cut entities to the Clipboard

Delete a selection set

Explode an entity

Extend an entity

Fillet two entities

Join two entities

Make multiple copies of a selection set

Mirror entities

Modify the properties of entities

Move a selection set

Paste entities from the Clipboard

Reorder entities

Rotate a selection set

Scale an entity using grips

Stretch an entity

Trim an entity

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