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Customizing toolbars

Customizing toolbars

Customizing toolbars

progeCAD provides toolbars so that you can access frequently used commands. You can customize these toolbars by adding or removing tools or by rearranging the organization of the tools. You can also create custom toolbars. Toolbars are saved as an integral part of the program. Although you cannot export custom toolbars for use by others, you can load toolbars created as part of AutoCAD menus. You customize toolbars using the Customize dialog box and selecting the Toolbars tab.

To display the Customize dialog box, use one of the following methods:

  • Choose Tools > Customize.
  • Type customize and then press Enter.

Creating a new toolbar

Creating custom toolbar tools

Creating toolbars that you can share as files

Displaying and hiding toolbars

Naming toolbars

Setting the experience level for toolbars

Starting commands using toolbars

Toolbar syntax and explanations

Add a custom tool to a toolbar

Add a flyout to a toolbar

Add a tool to a toolbar

Choose which toolbars to display

Copy an existing toolbar

Create a new toolbar

Create a toolbar that you can share

Delete a tool from a toolbar

Open the toolbar file on another computer

Rename a toolbar

Restore the toolbar defaults

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