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Creating aliases

Creating aliases

Creating aliases

progeCAD provides aliases for many commands. You can use aliases to issue frequently used commands by entering one or two letters rather than the entire command name.

The program also uses aliases to maintain command name compatibility with AutoCAD. You can use the same aliases and keyboard shortcuts used by AutoCAD. In addition, progeCAD has enhanced several AutoCAD commands. For example, progeCAD added two useful options to the rectangle command: you can draw a rectangle as a square, and you can rotate a rectangle at an angle.

You can customize aliases, and you can add new aliases. You customize aliases using the Customize dialog box.

To display the Customize dialog box, use one of the following methods:

  • Choose Tools > Customize.
  • Type customize and then press Enter.

Creating, redefining, and deleting aliases

Loading alias files

Saving alias files

Create a new alias

Delete an existing alias

Load an alias file

Redefine an existing alias

Save the current aliases to a file

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