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Programming progeCAD

Programming progeCAD

Programming progeCAD

Another way you can customize progeCAD is to add custom programs written in any of several programming languages that run within progeCAD, including LISP.

You can run many programs originally created for use with AutoCAD in progeCAD. Specifically, you can use programs written entirely in AutoLISP in progeCAD with no modification. You can also run many ADS programs originally written for use with AutoCAD in progeCAD after first recompiling them using the progeCAD run-time libraries. Many AutoCAD third-party programs are compatible with progeCAD.

Creating custom programs for use with progeCAD is beyond the scope of this online user's guide. For information about programming for progeCAD, see the progeCAD Developer Reference online help.

About working with other programs

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Programming in progeCAD

Understanding AutoLISP compatibility

Using data from progeCAD in other programs

Using data from other programs in progeCAD drawings

Using LISP routines

Working with other data and programs

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Load a LISP routine

Run a LISP routine

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