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Identifying unsupported commands and features

Identifying unsupported commands and features

Identifying unsupported commands and features

A few AutoCAD commands are not supported in this release of progeCAD, as shown in the following table.

AutoCAD commands not supported by progeCAD

Release Unsupported commands
2007 Features: Materials property, Shadow property

Commands: camera, helix, light, loft, planar, and sweep

2005 Features: Zoom to Selection, Layer States, Tables, Fields, Trimming Hatches, and Sheet Set Manager

Commands: archive, assistclose, field, markup, netload, newsheetset, opendwfmarkup, sheetset, table and -table, tableedit, tableexport, tablestyle, taskbar, texttofront, tinsert, updatefield, viewplotdetails, vpmax, and vpmin

2004 Features: Gradient Fills, Ctrl + O Clean Screen, Error Reporting, Reference Manager, External Reference Notification, Background Printing, and Miscellaneous Print Style Features (Dithering, Grayscale, Screening, Adaptive, Line End Styles, Line Join Styles, Fill Styles)

Commands: 3dorbitctl, jpgout, layout, pngout, publish, qnew, revcloud, tifout, toolpalettes, and xopen

2002 Features: Today window

Commands: attext, and eattext

2000 Features: Parallel Entity Snap, Viewports with UCS and Elevation Settings, AutoTrack, True Color Raster Output

Commands: 3dclip, 3dcorbit, 3ddistance, 3dorbit, 3dswivel, 3dzoom, blockicon, camera, copybase, dbclose, dbconnect, dwgprops, adcclose, adcenter, adcnavigate, find, layoutwizard, model, olescale, pagesetup, partialload, partialopen, pasteblock, pasteorig, pcinwizard, plottermanager, properties, propertiesclose, psetupin, qleader, qselect, vports, refclose, refedit, refset, shademode, ucsman, vbaman, vlisp, vpclip, and whohas

R13 Commands: arx, copylink, dsviewer, dxbin, edge, mline, mledit, treestat, and wmfopts
Advanced AutoCAD modules ACIS commands (solids modeling): ameconvert, soldraw, solprof, solview, and stlout
  ASE commands (AutoCAD SQL extension): aseadmin, aseexport, aselinks, aserows, aseselect, and asesqled
  Internet commands: listurl, openurl, saveurl, and selecturl
  Landscape commands: lsedit, lslib, and lsnew
  PostScript commands: psdrag, psfill, psin, and psout
  Render commands: fog, matlib, replay, saveimg, scene, setuv, showmat, stats, transparency, 3dsin, and 3dsout

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