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Enable Raster images in your DWG Drawings with progeCAD Professional

ImageEnabler overview

This application is designed for companies who need to modify and view raster images directly inside IntelliCAD. ImageEnabler supplies tools to easily load, edit, and modify multiple images and make your work easier and more efficient. You can attach and load multiple raster images as overlays or underlays to your IntelliCAD drawings. These images can be loaded or deleted at will. The raster images can be selected through IntelliCAD commands or from the edge of the raster?s frame for ImageEnabler or SmartPixel Edit commands. Once an image is no longer required in the drawing, you can detach it. The ImageEnabler allows you to select a transparent color for allowing underlying images to show through the top raster image. The Draw Order commands allow you to easily overlay or underlay your images in the IntelliCAD drawing. The companion application, SmartPixel Edit, allows you to further modify these loaded images.
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