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  • "progeCAD is a productivity enhancement system!"

    Anthony J. Lockwood - Editor, Desktop Engineering Magazine

  • "progeCAD is an excellent alternate (in fact I like it better than the AutoCAD LT I was using)."

    Gary Shouse, Retired Engineer

  • "Mostly nice to know that as a customer you are appreciated. Good service is hard to find."

    Jill Zimmer - Transformation Studio East, LLC

  • "I want to tell you that ProgeCAD is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. you are right, it's very very similar to AutoCAD, except in the wallet."

    Donna Rose

  • "Affordable, easy to use and the 'Help' is great. PDF conversion included in the program."

    Daniel Rodriguez - Pinnacle Fire Protection

  • "ProgeCAD beats AutoCAD in my book. Performs all the tasks I need at a much more attractive price. Customer support is much better as well, a big plus!!"

    Donald Washburn - The Audio Bug, Inc.

  • "The similarities in the way that progeCAD and AutoCAD handle as well as the ability to customize the workspace keeps the transitional learning curve down to almost zero."

    Jason Collum

  • "I highly recommend ProgeCAD to anyone seeking a full featured CAD program at a reasonable price."

    Mr. Richard Nash - Raypack Inc

  • "I use the progeCAD program to design furniture that I build for my children and grand child. As a user of AutoCAD for many years the transition was easy and I enjoy all the program features."

    Gary Shouse, Retired Engineer

  • "Provides advanced CAD power at very reasonable price. Does not have 'big company' attitude. Allows 'little people' who cannot afford AutoCAD to still do advanced CAD."

    Ralph McGreevy - RPM Mapping and Computer Services Ltd.

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