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progeCAD 2007 Professional does AutoCAD 2007

progeCAD 2007 Professional does AutoCAD 2007

progeCAD 2007 Professional does AutoCAD 2007

Portland, OR, USA – November 20, 2006 – iCADsales.com announced today an unprecedented breakthrough for the progeSOFT Version of IntelliCAD. progeCAD 2007 Professional now edits and saves AutoCAD 2007 drawings!

progeSOFT 2007 Professional can open, read, and allow you to edit drawings created with all versions of AutoCAD. In addition, progeCAD 2007 Professional provides compatibility by providing an "AutoCAD Like" icon menu, AutoLISP compatibility, VBA, the same fonts, scripts, and a command list you are used to working with, at 1/10th the price.

"progeSOFT has opened the world to AutoCAD 2007 drawings while easing the migration to a lower cost, AutoCAD compatible, CAD software package. We have provided a major step forward for the IntelliCAD community." said Damiano Croci, progeSOFT s.a.s.

In addition, designers will also be able to use the new express toolbar, convert PDF to DWG, as well as printing to the JPG graphic standard. progeCAD 2007 Professional also allows editing blocks directly within drawings, a new advanced attribute editing command, polar snapping, and a more "AutoCAD like" design interface.

The AutoCAD DWG 2007 support within progeCAD 2007 Professional will allow designers to lower their CAD software and training budget while still supporting the processes they are currently using. CAD users can open the same drawings, run the same menus and commands, and get off the ground running by utilizing the compatibility of progeCAD 2007 Professional at 1/10th the price.

The new express toolbar contains:

• Copy Nested Object
• Trim to Nested Object
• Extend to Nested Object
• Replace block with another block
• Text fit
• Explode Text
• Convert Text to Mtext
• Rotate Text
• Enclose Text with Object
• Automatic Text Numbering
• Move/Copy/Rotate
• Flatten Objects
• Multiple Copy
• Extended Offset
• Attach xData
• Display Object xData
• Layer Manager
• In place attribute editor

Designers can import their Adobe Acrobat PDF files and convert them into drawings they can edit and save. PDF is a universal file storage and viewing application used by thousands of users worldwide. CAD Users will now be able to acquire images from documentation, catalogs, brochures, user manuals etc. and convert them to AutoCAD DWG Drawing files.

The new advanced Attribute editor gives you more control over attributes, allowing changes to every property associated with attributes within blocks, without needing to recreate the blocks. In addition, progeCAD 2007 Professional now offers editing of blocks directly from inside the drawing, no need to open the blocks to edit them.

The new interface more closely matches what AutoCAD designers are used to using. A new UCS Icon design, "AutoCAD like" icon and text menu, even the layout of toolbars and command line are designed to minimize the impact of migrating to a new CAD system.

"This release breaks new ground by opening the AutoCAD 2007 format drawings to designers, drafters, engineers and architects. Companies now locked into their vendor’s software have a choice, a choice to save thousands of dollars without affecting productivity" said Scott Hucke, President, iCADsales.com.

About progeCAD 2007 Professional
progeCAD 2007 Professional is CAD software highly compatible with industry standards, such as AutoCAD DWG v2.5 through 2007, "AutoCAD Like" menus, SHX and TrueType fonts, AutoLISP, AutoCAD blocks, etc. Sold at a fraction of the cost of most AutoCAD software, progeCAD 2007 Professional, powered by IntelliCAD, is a logical choice for drafters, designers, engineers, architects, anyone needing AutoCAD compatible software. Industry specific applications are also available for architectural design (progeARC ArchT), mechanical design (progeMEC), and AutoCAD drawing review and markup (progeCAD Viewer DWG).

About iCADsales.com
iCADSales.com (http://www.icadsales.com) provides a central location for IntelliCAD Computer Aided Design Software including free evaluation downloads, Support, Discussions, Books, and sponsors a CAD Industry news aggregator.

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