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progeCAD vs AutoCAD

progeCAD Vs AutoCAD : Download AutoCAD : progeCAD.us

progeCAD vs AutoCAD ComparisonprogeCADautoCAD

Native DWG

.dwg version 2.5 to 2015

Drawing recovery

Export to DWF

Edit multiple drawings

User Profiles support

Multiple Paper Spaces (layouts)

AutoCAD 3D surface commands

ACIS viewing

Full ACIS modeling & editing

XRef Manager

MTEXT support via external editor

Hatch editing

Lineweights (display and print)

Raster Image Display (image management)

Image polygonal clip

Traceparts integration

Block libraries (Construction, Architectural, ANSI-ISO and DIN-ISO Mechanics, ANSI and IEC Electrical, Electronic, Steel Profiles, Furniture, Kitchen)

Architectural Plugin

progeCAD vs AutoCAD ComparisonprogeCADautoCAD


Image menu

CTB color table files

STB style table files

Graphical Block Preview

PLOT command

AutoCAD Command Line

AutoCAD menu and script files

Explorer for managing layers, blocks, line types

Object Properties toolbar

Edit properties of multiple entries

Properties palette

Apparent & Extended intersection snap

Polar Tracking

Express Tools

Refedit ( Edit locally individual objects within a Block)

Layer Manager ( Save and Restore Layers configurations)


progeCAD vs AutoCAD ComparisonprogeCADautoCAD

Visual Menu Customization

ActiveX, including in-place editing

Solutions Development System (SDS/ADS C++)

AutoLISP (including DCL)

Object ARX

Script Recorder

COM support

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

External VBA file loading (multiple .vbi)

PDF to DWG (convert PDF files to DWG files)

JPG print

PDF print

iCADLib blocks library manager

Raster to Vector module

Block libraries (Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic, and 3D kitchen furniture.

O2C 3D export

True Type Font

Battman (local editing of block attributes)

progeCAD vs AutoCAD ComparisonprogeCADautoCAD

Unlimited Dimensioning support

Business/Commercial License


Find & Replace

Native ECW support

Native Jpeg 2000 support

True color support


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