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progeCAD 2008 8.0.10 Released by iCADsales.com

progeCAD 2008 8.0.10 Released by iCADsales.com

progeCAD 2008 8.0.10 Released by iCADsales.com

Portland, OR, USA – December 1st, 2007 – iCADsales.com announced today an upgrade to the progeCAD line of CAD software, progeCAD 2008 8.0.10.

The list of features and fixes is listed below.

New features and fixes in 8.0.10
Drag performances during move and copy operations have been restored
copy command improved
In copy/paste process, now there's no need to keep the source drawing open
Now it's possibile to copy in other softwares as vector cad entity
Added CTRL+SHIFT+C shortcut for the copy with a base point
copy quick command added
It's the progeCAD quicker version of copy, useful when working with a lot of entities
You can use it only in drawings opened with progeCAD
Added CTRL+D shortcut for the copy quick command
Added CTRL+SHIFT+D shortcut for the copy quick command with a base point
General features and fixes
3D ORBIT: Rotation options along axis have been added to the 3D orbit toolbar
ACIS: Fixed the behaviour in creating a solid using a color different to ByLayer
BLOCKS: Insertion of a dwg as block has been fixed. In particular cases progeCAD could crash
COMMANDS: Extent to nested objects and cut to nested objects commands doesn't disable esnap any more.
COMMANDS: -array command fixed
COMMANDS: Text copy from command line fixed
COMMANDS: construction line command in draw has been fixed
COMMANDS: New options added to the rectangle command
CRASH: Fixed the progeCAD crash after the splash screen (in rare cases)
CRASH: Fixed the problem in closing progeCAD drawings (some cases)
CRASH: Crashes in linetype changes don't happen anymore
CRASH: No more crashes while changing hatch color for solid pattern
DIM: Text orientation fixed for aligned dimensions
ESNAP: Esnap now works on the selected entity with many active windows
ESNAP: No more esnap problems in viewports (having the same ucs) with rotated view in the paper space
IMAGES: At the end of an image cut, right clicking now doesn't stop and restart the command
IMAGES: No more images getting lost when saving
IMAGES: Behaviour in insertion of OLE images in blocks has been fixed
MENU: Added icons for redraw and regen commands in the standard toolbar
MENU: Added more commands in the express menu
MENU: Real time movements menu has been modified
OPTIONS: Now the last profile is remembered
OPTIONS: Fixed the description in the options/print dialog
OPTIONS: Fixed the configuration of the mouse right button in the options dialog
PERFORMANCES: Mouse movements speeded up over hatches setting to OFF the OSNAPHATCH variable by default
PERFORMANCES: Improvements in memory management
PERFORMANCES: Object preview (dragmode) improved and speeded up
PLOT: Fixed the hidden lines print
PLOT: Fixed the crash during the print on file when an erroneous folder is selected
REGION: Scaling regions for values lower then 0.001 is now possibile
RENDER: Added the professional render
TEXT: Fixed find command
TEXT: Multiline text doesn't experience problems anymore while using some True Type fonts
TOOLBARS: Viewport creation toolbar fixed
UCS: The behaviour of the global option in ucs command has been fixed
UCS: Set 90 degrees as default in rotatating UCS along X,Y or Z axes
UCS: Ucs problems relates to the change of view have been fixed
UCS: Ucs icon visualization has been improved, some options fixed and functions added
VIEWS: Save and restore of views has been fixed
VIEWS: view command now behaves like in Autocad does. view opens the progeCAD explorer dialog, -view works by command line

About progeCAD
progeCAD is CAD software highly compatible with industry standards, such as AutoCAD Drawings (DWG) v2.5 through 2008, "AutoCAD Like" menus and commands, SHX and TrueType fonts, AutoLISP, AutoCAD blocks, etc. Sold at a fraction of the cost of AutoCAD software, progeCAD 2008 Standard, powered by IntelliCAD, is a logical choice for drafters, designers, engineers, architects, anyone needing AutoCAD compatible software at 1/10th the cost of other CAD software.

About iCADsales.com
iCADSales.com (http://www.icadsales.com), a progeSOFT IntelliCAD Authorized Reseller, provides a central location for IntelliCAD Computer Aided Design Software including free IntelliCAD evaluation downloads, support, forums, books, and sponsors a CAD Industry news aggregator.

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Clackamas, OR 97015
Email: press@icadsales.com

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