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progeARCH Pulled from iCADsales.com

progeARCH Pulled from iCADsales.com

progeARCH Pulled from iCADsales.com

Disclaimer: progeSOFT did not develop progeARCH, they should not be associated with the following...
January 2nd, 2009 - Portland, OR - It had been our hope to be able to deliver the progeARCH product as an Architectural product for a long lifespan but recent events have caused us to end the sales of this product.

We had been in negotiation with the manufacturer regarding quality control problems associated with the product. During the past several months many problems appeared in the product and manufacturer had to supply support for our customers to fix errors in the product.

For some reason they then felt a reduction of the amount of money we received per sale was appropriate due to this support effort. Why the manufacturer assumed that we were responsible for defects in their product is beyond comprehension and we began to suspect the reliability and ethics of the manufacturer.

The manufacturer was given a reasonable amount of time to respond to our conditions they would need to meet for us to continue to include the product in the lineup of software we offer to you. These conditions included updating the code to remove defects, and bringing the margins back to the previous levels.

The manufacturer did not meet the timeline and it was decided that the product quality, relevance, and ethics of the manufacturer was such that it was not a product that should be associated with iCADsales.com.

Despite the removal of the product from our product line-up, iCADsales.com LLC reserves the right to continue to use the trademarked name progeARCH. We have contingency plans in the works to replace the previous product with an Architectural product that will be far higher quality and more up to date than the previous product.

Also, news on a new product for your use in the manufacturing sector will be forthcoming soon, stay tuned!

Thank you,

The iCADsales.com LLC Team

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