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Now that you have decided that you need to purchase some form of CAD software for your business you are left with dozens of different companies offering their own version of the original Auto CAD software. The one thing that you do know is the software you are currently using just is not going to cut it anymore and if you do not do something about it you are going to find yourself unable to stay competitive in a field that is all about having the competitive edge. The problem here is that any type of Auto CAD software tends to be very expensive or when it is not what you get does not work very well for your particular application. You will find with a little bit of research that prices can range from free trials all the way up to and well over $10,000.


Before you can actually start looking for your next software package, you need to sit down and make a few decisions as to what you need the software for and how much money you can afford to budget for it. You will need to decide exactly why you are purchasing your Auto CAD software, this means going beyond the fact that you are going to be using it to create industrial drawings. You will need to narrow the field down and decide whether you want software that is very specific in nature such as one geared towards mechanical drawings or on that is focused on electronics. Your best choice will be one that focuses on one field, but includes tools for working with other environments. Consider the level of detail and geometry you need your Auto CAD software to work with. If you are designing simple floor plans and schematics you will most likely only need to work in 2 dimensions. When you are designing mechanical parts, surfaces and solid objects of any kind you are going to need software that can work in three dimensions. In many cases you are probably going to be doing a little of one and a lot of the other so your best bet would be software that can work in both 2 and 3 dimensions.


Finally you need to decide what file extension you are going to work with. Each of the different variations of Auto CAD type software has its own proprietary file extension. However, most of them also include the necessary translation capabilities to convert these proprietary files into the most commonly used file extensions such as DWG, ACIS and PDF for use when you have to imbed an image into a report or a training manual. Once you have decided what you need from your Auto CAD type of software you need to take a look at the latest CAD software from iCAD Sales. Here you will find CAD software under the progeSOFT label that it is designed to everything that the original Auto CAD software is capable of and much more, the difference is that you can test drive it for 30 days free of charge and it costs approximately 1/10th the price.


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