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AutoCAD 2008

Autocad 2008 : progeCAD USA

Autocad 2008

For many years the industry giant Auto CAD has been the standard by which all other computer aided design software has been judged. The reason for this is that prior to the development of this software it took massive computers and several different applications to complete any form of engineering drawing. Autocad 2008 is now the standard software package being offered by Auto CAD and like its predecessors it comes loaded with tools to make your job easier, however it is not the only software on the market. One of the latest offerings in CAD software is progeCAD, which like Autocad 2008 offers a broad range of general purpose 2 and 3 dimensional designs capabilities that can be used for a full range of engineering and schematic drawings. It is designed work with the DWG file extensions created by Auto CAD without the need for any type of conversion software; this is something that most other CAD software does not have the built in capability to do.


Because so many professionals have become familiar with and used to using the Autocad 2008 interface it has become an industry standard and you will find that progeCAD uses an interface that is very familiar. This was done to make the learning curve much less so that you can install your new software and be up and running with little to no downtime as you learn to use it. You will also find that the menus and commands are very similar for your convenience. The latest version of progeCAD 2010 has been called a major success when compared with Autocad 2008 as the overall reliability of the product is exceptional. Increase in command speed and when saving your projects will thoroughly impress most users. This has long been an area of frustration with many CAD software users as it has been known to cause loss of critical work in the past. One of the things that many companies look at when choosing the brand of CAD software they are going to purchase is the cost. As with any item you plan to purchase for your business, you need to know that you are going to get real value for your money.


Both Autocad 2008 and progeCAD are exemplary CAD software package and each of them has their strong points. The difference lies in the overall cost with Autocad costing around $3,000 plus more for add-ons, progeCAD starts at $399 and is capable of doing everything that Autocad can do and much more. If you are interested in replacing your old Autocad software with the very latest progeCAD 2010 software that starts you out with a free 30 day trial of the full version you need to go their home page at iCAD Sales. Here you will find full details of this amazing new CAD software that is taking the CAD world by storm as it will allow you to import your work from AutoCAD and keep on working and requires little to no training to use.


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