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Autocad Software

For many years all architectural drawings had to be rendered completely by hand, this meticulous work was very tedious and could take many hours if not months to complete depending on the size of the project. In many cases the drawings had to be created in separate layers to show the various aspects of the project such as plumbing and wiring that could then be used by the engineers or the construction crews. When Autocad software was first developed it gained immediate popularity as this pioneering software changed the way drafting would be done forever. While Autocad software was initially created to computerize the world of blueprints, it soon grew to encompass many other drafting projects as computer aided drafting or CAD branched out into many other areas of industry. Today companies like progeCAD and AutoCAD provide software that allows practically any industry to create project designs and test them on their computer screen long before a real prototype has to be made. Once a leader in the industry Autocad software now shares the stage with several other companies such as progeCAD in the development of drafting and design software.


Progress does not stand still and the need for ever more versatile computer aided design software continues to increase as designs become more complex and the need for software that can keep up with this mounts. Today the software that is going to be the most in demand is the one that can meet all of these needs and still be compatible with the original AutoCAD files as they are so widespread in the industry. Compatibility with Autocad software has long been an issue with many of the other software developers as many of them require third party conversion software in order to import the Autocad DWG files into their interface so that they can be used. Even more conversion software must be used to create workable files for others who do not have access to a particular software that is not from Autocad. If you choose to purchase progeCAD software you will not have to worry about buying a third party file converter. ProgeCAD is designed to work with all of the files generated by Autocad software as smoothly as if they were created by progeCAD. As long as you have the professional version you will be able to work with DWG files and create PDF files that can be exported to anyone with a PDF reader.


ProgeCAD may draw on the same principles as the original idea from AutoCAD, but the company has taken the concept of computer aided design to a new level with their latest offering of progeCAD Professional. If you are interested in taking progeCAD Professional for a free 30 day test drive so that you can see how much of an improvement over Autocad software it is you need to visit progeCAD United States. Here you will find a wealth of information regarding this remarkable new software, a free download and the latest add-ons to create the ultimate CAD software package for your business.


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