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Autodesk Autocad

Whether you are opening your own CAD company offices or are just looking to replace your old Autodesk Autocad software with something a little newer and more streamlined you will find that you have several brands to choose from. Autocad was the pioneering force behind computer aided design software and in a sense completely revolutionized the way blueprints and engineering drawings would be created in the future. However, being the first kids on the block does not always make them the best, merely the first. Many other companies have learned from what Autodesk Autocad had developed and gone on to create software that was equal to or better than the original. This means that you do have a wide choice of software providers to choose from and with that come loaded with all of the same features as the original, but often at a much lower price.


If you are used to using Autodesk Autocad software you will need to stop and think about what you use it for before going out to look for alternative software. You also need to think about the people who are going to be using this software. Chances are good that this is the software that they were trained on in school and the only CAD software they have every used. Whatever software you choose should not cause them to have to spend hours learning to use it before they can be productive. While any software that is not Autodesk Autocad is going to be different by virtue of the fact that is has been written by a different developer, this does not mean that it has to be so radically different that it takes hours to learn how to use it. You will find that there is software such as progeCAD that offers a user interface that is very similar to that from Autodesk. This particular software uses an interface that is so similar to that of Autodesk Autocad that the vast majority of users claim that they made the switch with no stop in the flow of work. When you are working on a tight timeline the last thing you need is for your staff to have to stop and learn new software from the ground up.


You should also keep in mind that not all software is designed to work in any environment and choose software that is capable of handling the type of design work your company is involved in. If you have tried Autodesk Autocad and are ready for a change you need to visit iCAD Sales, where you will find the very latest in CAD software. ProgeCAD 2010 Professional CAD software has been carefully designed to work in a wide range of environments, it is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 and has an interface that is very easy to use. Many AutoCAD users say that they are able to use the interface and import their DWG files to keep on working with absolutely no downtime as there is no major learning curve to deal with.


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