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You have probably been using the same CAD software for years, it has always served you well and when you needed to update it you could simply download the Autocad update or add-on you needed. This may have served you well in the past, but with operating system changes and the need to have more copies as you have added employees this just does not work anymore. If you have looked around you will have noticed that there are several companies now offering new CAD software for you to choose from, the question is which one will work for you. Of course you can always go to Autocad and download their latest version and keep on working the way you always have, that is as long as you have approximately $3,000 per copy to spare.


This can really add up if you have several employees who need to have a licensed copy of the software to work with. For most companies this situation is not tenable as the money is not available in the current economy to blow on several copies. As with anything you should be able to test drive new software before you decide to buy it and CAD software should be no different. Your staff is going to want to have a chance to give their input on new software before you spend the money and they are stuck using it, whether they like it or not. The company you decide to try should offer a free download, Autocad does this with all of their software so that companies can test drive it first. Like the one from Autocad, the download you get should be a full version, not a lite version that only allows you to use the most basic of features. Companies that offer full versions are usually the ones that are very confident that the software they offer is as good as or in many cases much better than anything that Autodesk has to offer. The best way for you and your staff to find out what there is out on there on the market is to download a couple of the newer CAD programs and try them out.


Much like the Autocad download the one you choose should be compatible not only with your staff, but with whatever operating system you are currently using. While not everyone has upgraded to Microsoft Windows 7, you should make sure that the software you download is so that when you upgrade your operating system your CAD software will still work. One of the best things about downloading a full trial version is that in order to keep using it past the end of the trial you simply purchase a key and keep working. If you are looking for something new and different instead of another AutoCAD download you may want to visit iCAD Sales. Here you can download a free 30 day trial of their latest offering, progeCAD 2010 Professional and take it for a test drive. You will find that the interface is familiar to those who are used to Autocad and you can import all of your files directly into progeCAD so that everyone stays working.


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