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Portland, OR, USA – December 16, 2014– progeCAD USA has announced that those purchasing progeCAD 2014 Professional will receive a free upgrade to the next release, progeCAD 2015 Professional, coming soon.
  • Great New Features –
New features of progeCAD 2015 Professional will include read/write and create DWG 2015 drawings. Other compelling features included in the upcoming release are described below:
  • Dynamic Input – command line interface at your crosshair
  • Dynamic UCS – auto create a temporary XY plane to draw on
  • Solid Grips – activation of Grips on ACIS solid
  • 3D Ortho – Orthographic planes on Z axis
  • Annotative Objects – scale objects at the current annotation scale including Block, Text, Attributes, Hatch, Tolerance, and Dimension
  • Fields – automate the insertion of titleblock text + other annotations
  • Arctext – Add text along Arcs
  • Breakline Command – Create lines and polylines with breaking symbol
  • PDF = graphic content exchange output complies with PDF/A standards
  • Share and Collaborate with Cloud Drawing Management –
progeCAD 2015 will also contain a built-in cloud drawing management system called the iCADcloud. Easy to use, this drawing management system allows you to simply open and save drawings you wish to include in your projects using built-in open and save dialogs.
Simply save your project drawings under the iCADcloud folder on your PC and check-ins and check-outs become automatic. The iCADcloud allows you to easily share files with others and collaborate on your projects without fear of over-writing others changes. A full history of drawing modifications, and the ability to manage other project file types are made available through the website interface to the iCADcloud.
  • Two Versions for One Upgrade –
To celebrate this milestone release, progeCAD USA is offering upgrades from any previous release, to progeCAD 2014 Professional for current progeCAD customers, along with a free upgrade to the 2015 version upon it’s release. Customers can jump two or more versions with the purchase of a single upgrade!
  • Updates and Upgrades –
As always, progeCAD gives its clients free updates to minor releases through a notification system built into the software. progeCAD only charges an upgrade fee when changing major versions. The software will continue to function normally regardless of the users decision to upgrade or not.
  • Optional iCARE Subscriptions and Support –
Users can save 20% by choosing to subscribe to the iCARE Subscription and Support Service when purchasing iCARE with any progeCAD new or upgrade license. ICARE gives you a yearly subscription to the latest progeCAD software along with help desk support to ensure formal issue resolution of any progeCAD issues you may find.
  • Compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8 –
progeCAD 2015 Professional has been designed to be compatible with the new Windows 7 and Windows 8.x Operating systems from Microsoft. Users planning to migrate to the new operating system are encouraged to upgrade to progeCAD 2015 Professional soon to ensure compatibility. Those with older operating systems will not suffer from any issues due to the new release running on the new Windows platform.
  • Industry Specific Add-on Products –
progeCAD USA also offers the progeBILLD series, architectural building services design software add-ons, progeEARTH, a civil survey design software add-on, and progeTABLE, which allows import and synchronization between progeCAD and Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets. 30-day evaluations of these products are available for free download on our website.
  • About progeCAD –
progeCAD is CAD software highly compatible with industry standards, such as AutoCAD Drawings (DWG) v2.5 through 2015, “AutoCAD Like” menus and commands, SHX and TrueType fonts, AutoLISP, AutoCAD blocks, etc. progeCAD Professional, a proven replacement for AutoCAD, offers PDF to DWG import, over 20,000 blocks and symbols organized in the iCADLib Block library Manager, 3D ACIS solid modeling, advanced rendering with materials, Raster/Vector hybrid image editing and conversion, EasyArch, a 3D Architectural Plug-in, and other tools specific to progeCAD. Sold at a fraction of the cost of most AutoCAD software, progeCAD Professional, powered by IntelliCAD, is a logical choice for drafters, designers, engineers, architects, anyone needing AutoCAD compatible software at 1/10ththe cost of other CAD software.
About progeCAD USA
progeCAD USA (, offers progeCAD shipping with several different options including NLM Network, USB Mobile, and affordable Site Licensing. Industry specific add-ons are also available for architectural BIM design (progeCAD Architecture), Land Development (progeEARTH) and Building Services Design including Electrical, Piping/HVAC, and Mechanical/Structural (progeBILLD Applications). Download the Free Full 30 day trial versions of our software when you visit our website at
progeCAD is either a registered trademark or trademark of progeCAD, in the USA and/or other countries. progeADD-on, progeBILLD, progeEARTH, progeOFFICE, progeTABLE, are registered trademarks or trademarks of progeSOFT North America in the USA and/or other countries. IntelliCAD is a registered trademark or trademark of the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium in the USA and/or other countries. AutoCAD, and AutoLISP are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Autodesk, Inc., in the USA and/or other countries. All other brand names, product names, or trademarks belong to their respective holders.
Contact Information
progeCAD USA
12042 SE Sunnyside Rd.
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Clackamas, OR 97015
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