progeCAD Multiline Leader Tutorial

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The Multiline Leader allows you to place one text entity describing multiple objects, and provide leaders running to each object described. This video describes step by step how to use the new progeCAD Multiline Leader command included with progeCAD 2018 Professional. Enjoy!

What is EasyArch and what can it do?

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What is EasyArch? EasyArch is a free tool designed for architects, contractors, interior designers, and home owners (with CAD experience) looking to build, remodel and/or renovate. EasyArch is automated, and made to increase productivity and outcomes. With EasyArch the designer can work in 2D and 3D modes, interchanging between the two with just a swivel of their cursor. This easy …

Free CAD tutorials

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Today I wanted to share a list of some great resources progeCAD has made available. In the next couple of months I am going to be remaking a lot of the 2D and 3D videos out there, so if there is anything you are troubleshooting, or a video you would like completed first, leave it in the comments 😀 Hi …