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Why don't entities show in the layout's viewport even if it's turned on?

I can't get the viewport in a layout to display anything. I use MVIEW; ON and select the viewport, but it still won't display.  All the layers in the viewport are thawed. I can see the objects in Model Tab.  The objects that are drawn are invisible. If I draw them in paper space and use chspace to put them in Model, they disappear from view, but do not appear in the viewport, neither do they appear in Model Tab. They just get lost.  This is not an issue you can ignore.  This is a trial version of ProgeCAD 2016.  This gets resolved, or I will not buy it.
asked 1 year ago in progeCAD by bdeshawn / Level: CAD Student (52 points)

1 Answer

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Dear bdeshawn,
I'm Alessandro from the progeCAD support team.
We not understood this situation.
In the layout it's possible to Freeze/Un-freeze the layers differently for each viewports.
If you don't use this particular function, what you see in the Model Space must be the same of that you see in the related viewport.
Please send a e-mail to support@progecad.com with a example drawing and a detailed description of the problem you mentioned.

Best regards.
Alessandro - progeCAD support team
answered 1 year ago by ProgeCAD Alessandro / Level: CAD Student (40 points)

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