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How do I know the position and pointing direction of lights for rendering?

I built a 3d model in progecad Pro 2010. When I go to "lights" how do I know what side of my model the light is pointing to, or where the light is coming from?

I try variations using the azimuth and elevation but it's difficult without a reference point in the drawing.

I used Vectorworks in the past and I could insert light icons in the drawing to help orientate the lights direction and elevation. That was very helpful.
asked 4 years ago in progeCAD by Howard / Level: Engineer (554 points)
I will need to ask some others to help with this question as I am not sure of the answer. If the issue does not have an answer I will see that it gets added to the development efforts to make sure we make that information available in the future.

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To add pointing lights that will be displayed in your rendering you have to run the "lights" command.

First of all add a new light and specify its X,Y,Z position. To identify a particular location run the "id" function, you need to type it in the command line. After you specify a particular point selecting it (you could activate a particular esnap) its coordinates will be displayed. To direct your light you have to place it inside a 3D model (e.g. a hollow cylinder representing a spotlight).

To display shades run the "fullrender" function.

answered 4 years ago by progeCAD / Level: Engineering Manager (3,668 points)
edited 4 years ago by Scott H

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