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text line weight

I must have a setting wrong but can't find the fix. When I create a PDF file using Autocad MEP 2010 all text line weights work perfectly. When I create a PDF file using ProgeCAD text such as Gothic or Arial or other similar double line text line weights are too light. I tried changing the color and color makes no difference. In ProgeCAD all my pen settings are the same as with Autocad. Line weights are set at bycolor, drawing is set at bylayer and default line weight is set at 0.01inches. Should text be created under byblock?
Thank you
asked 1 year ago in progeCAD by rhansen / Level: Smart End of the Tape Measure (9 points)

1 Answer

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Dear progeCAD Customer,

we'd like to better investigate your report, receiving a complete copy of an interested drawing. To create it, access the progeCAD File menu, and select the eTransmit option. A zip format archive will be created, containing all elements that are present in your drawing.
We will be able, this way, to directly check your settings, and assist you the best way.

We look forward to receiving the required document. Please send it to the support@progecad.com email address, adding a brief description. Thank you.

Best Regards
answered 1 year ago by progeCAD / Level: Engineering Manager (3,688 points)

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