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Do I need to buy new ProgeEarth plug-ins if I buy ProgeCAD 2017

I purchased progeEarth 2016 on 05/2016.  The MrSIDs files worked with the program, but an update made the SIDs files non-functional (wire frame only).  No subsequent update fixed the problem.  Looks like I have to buy 2017 ProgeCAD to get functional SIDs once again.  Will my progeEARTH I purchased in 2016 work fine with an updated 2017 ProgeCAD?  I am resubmitting this question as my previous one was wiped out apparently.
asked 5 months ago in progeEARTH by Tjh1000 / Level: CAD Student (58 points)

1 Answer

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Normally there is not an upgrade fee for progeEARTH when moving from one version of progeCAD to the next. It is dependent on the work involved with making the software compatible with the new version. Since we have not released progeEARTH for version 2017 of progeCAD yet I can not definitely say if there will be an upgrade fee but based on past history it is unlikely.
answered 5 months ago by Scott H / Level: Engineering Manager (5,713 points)

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