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What kind of system do I need to run progeCAD?

Does progeCAD run on a Mac? How much disk space and what cpu can make it work good?
asked 5 years ago by admin / Level: Engineer (555 points)

1 Answer

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progeCAD needs a lot less than most of the higher end CAD packages...

Remember, these are the bare minimum requirements, if you suffer performance issues the most likely cause is a lack of system memory or processor speed for the type of drawings you are trying to produce.

Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Intel Pentium or more powerful processor (recommended)
256 MB RAM (minimum), 512 MB (recommended for complex drawings)
400 MB of free hard disk space
answered 5 years ago by ColbyJackel / Level: CAD Student (49 points)

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