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I’ve downloaded a trial version of progeEARTH but can’t get started with the DTM component & the downloaded instructions are not much help.

To load COGO I’m given a procedure to install its menu system.

To load DTM I’m told “Load the DTM program for the current drawing session” I don’t understand which lisp routines to load & how. Should there be an overarching menu to initiate each routine?
asked 4 years ago in progeEARTH by Boris Lysenko / Level: Smart End of the Tape Measure (2 points)

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When you install progeEARTH the system will automatically install and load the progeEARTH functions and menus. Due to the nature of the files needing modification by the install program there is a chance that the system won't be able to include the menus, and/or automatically load the routines you need for the proper running of the software. In that case a readme text file is launched allowing you to read it before continuing with the final steps of the install. READ THAT FILE. In it is a mention of what to do if you find that the menus are not loading correctly. There is a file mentioned that you need to drag and drop onto progeCAD and that will finish the process of configuring the software. Then, when you start progeCAD it will automatically, each time, load the lisp and the menu you need. Since you can purchase each module separately or all in one there is a chance you need to re-install when you purchase a new module. Simply run the install again and drag and drop the installer .lsp file onto progeCAD if all modules and the menu toolbars are not loaded.

If the problem you are having is that the menu toolbars are not displayed (perhaps you shut off display due to too many toolbars), you can right-click on the toolbar area and enable them again by selecting the menu toolbar you wish to display.

If you installed the download containing all the modules you shouldn't have any major problems getting all the menus to display, or even the commands to be loaded unless you simply did not read the readme that is presentec when you first install. In that case, go to the disk where progeEARTH is installed and look for the file mentioned in the readme which should also exist in that folder.

Hopefully that will get you moving forward again.

Thank you

answered 4 years ago by Scott H / Level: Engineering Manager (5,713 points)

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