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My CNC makes cutter paths in the order shapes are drawn. How do I renumber shapes to control the order for the CNC?

Apparently the order in which an object or shape is created or drawn is saved somewhere.  Then when my CNC software imports the .dxf file, it cuts the shapes in the order they were created.
However, since I cut and paste and move around this makes for a lot of zig zagging (technical term) around.
Is there an easy way to renumber the shapes?  Or is there another way to address this?  I tried to flatten the drawing and also to group the objects first but this didn't do anything.
So being at the dull end of the tape measure.  I figured it time to consult the experts.
Thank you,
asked 4 years ago in progeCAD by Hylan / Level: CAD Student (72 points)

2 Answers

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am not sure how to re-order the entities in the drawing. I believe one would need to actually change them somehow (say to a different layer) so they would update and reside as the latest item to be drawn. I am not even sure that would work. You might even try to create a block out of the object and then insert the block and explode it to move those objects to the front of the class so to speak...

usually cnc programs are set up to handle that type of thing especially if they have a drawing program within the cnc software.

Does the CNC import take only DWG, or are you or can you work with a dxf file?

This is a quite a bit of mind numbing work, but you can isolate the entities within the entities section of the dxf file and move them around within a text editor. Just cut, copy and paste your way to cnc bliss. I don't have any other answers but you might try posting it to the support help desk (helpdesk.progecad.us).

Good Luck!
Thank you

answered 4 years ago by Scott H / Level: Engineering Manager (5,713 points)
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I appreciate it.  I moved groups of elements to different layers and that did work.  I actually import the .dxf file to the CNC software (KCam).

So a second question I now have.  I typically do the work in .dwg then save as a .dxf for the CNC.  In the past when I've done this and I open the .dxf file, it only has the 0 layer and didn' save any of the other 'boundry' or 'dimension' layers, which I want.

Now for some reason, it saves my boundry layer but not my dimension layer. So my CNC generates cutter paths for my boundry objects.  I tried to turn those layers off on my CNC but it does nothing.

I've been doing some  of the online ProgeCad video classes and so I'm sure I've changed a setting somewhere but I can't figure out what or where.

Is there something in the layer manager I can set up so that when I save the .dxf that it only saves certain layers?

Thank you,
answered 4 years ago by Hylan / Level: CAD Student (72 points)

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