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Installed progeCAD, now Photoshop CS5 locks up on open

After installation of progeCAD trial, I find my Photoshop CS5 locks up solid upon opening.  Is it possible that some part of progeCAD installation has interfered with PS-CS5?  
Thank you!
asked 5 years ago by dona_rose / Level: Smart End of the Tape Measure (3 points)
I believe the only item that could possibly interfere with adobe would be the printer driver to output to pdf format. This wizard is used to print pdf documents using the print command just as you would to a regular print whereby one can assign colors, thickness, masking, etc. to your lines by ctb file and have them output to pdf format. This has caused problems in the past when someone purchased adobe acrobat because they needed to print to pdf for use with AutoCAD, and then installed progeCAD Pro, which does not need acrobat to create pdf format print files...

Lets see if others have had a similar experience with adobe creative suite and/or if progeSOFT may know something, or if these incidents are perhaps unrelated with the amount of knowledge we have so far...

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progeSOFT has not verified any conflict between progeCAD and Photoshop.
answered 5 years ago by admin / Level: Engineer (555 points)

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