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Downloaded add-on, how do I activate product?

How do I activate product?
asked 4 years ago in progeBILLD Architectural by chuck / Level: CAD Student (50 points)

3 Answers

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I am not sure of the exact question or of what product you are speaking about. I will attempt to glean the information from the post and ancillary information. Are you saying that you have progeCAD installed, and then you installed progeBILLD wanting to give it the ole 30 day try? And now for some reason it doesn't run? Or, that it is asking you to activate it and has either quit running or will soon? Both progeCAD, and progeBILLD, are licensed by using a serial number that you enter once you have purchased the products. So when you purchase we will sent you a serial number you can use to unlock progeCAD, and progeBILLD. Does that make sense? Let me know if that was not your question and you wished for a different explanation.

Thank you

answered 4 years ago by Scott H / Level: Engineering Manager (5,713 points)
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I downloaded for 30 day try but no info to start program
answered 2 years ago by elliotra / Level: Smart End of the Tape Measure (20 points)
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When you double click the icon on your desktop the program will start. A dialog box is displayed saying try, buy, or register. Clicking on try will start the 30 day trial.
answered 2 years ago by Scott H / Level: Engineering Manager (5,713 points)

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