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Does ProgeCad have BreakLine Symbol like autocad does?

AutoCad has a Express command called "break line symbol". Does this exist in ProgeCad.  If not where can I find one.  Can not use autocad's use of the .lsp file since it uses vl- commands and will not work in progecad.
asked 4 years ago in progeCAD by robbt / Level: Drafter (169 points)
I think notman misunderstood the question. Rather than a symbol used to note that the length of a line extends far beyond the lines depicted in the drawing, I believe he thought you meant how to draw multiple lines of text using the text command rather than having to use the multiline text tool.

With that said, I think you can find a breakline symbol on the internet by doing a search for an autolisp routine on google or your favorite search engine.

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If you use the single-line text command [Text], try \P:

first-line-text\Psecond-line-text (and so on)

For multi-line text \P works too.
answered 4 years ago by notman / Level: Drafter (116 points)

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