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Is there anything like acad 2005 object snap tracking?

asked 5 years ago in progeCAD by wfdesigns / Level: Smart End of the Tape Measure (9 points)

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Oh, you bet! See the third chapter of the install PDF manual (I believe it is called the printable help in the menu). Polar tracking is available also. Page 84 explains as follows:

Etrack Snap tracking
It’s possible to select a point among a path based on object snap.
The pointing is used in running object snap mode. Before using the pointing from an object snap point it’s necessary to set an object snap.
The acquired points are marked by a small sign (+), up to seven points each time. After having acquired a point, when the cursor is moved, are used alignment horizon- tal and vertical trajectories.
To set On or Off Etrack tracking
Push the button in the status bar.
NOTE    The function is active when the button appears as recessed.
Etrack button (A)
To acquire a point 1    Make sure that the button Etrack, placed in the status bar is set as On.
•    It’s possible to change the Etrack setting by pushing the related button on the status bar.
2    Set at least an object snap.
3    Start a command that asks for the acquisition of a point.
4    Move the cursor on an existing object (or on more then one in relation to the type of snap chosen) until it’s displayed the related symbol that indicates the acquire- ment of the snap.
5    By keeping the cursor steady for a few moments, it will be displayed the sign +.
6    By moving the cursor among one of the direction of the + sign, some trajectories will be hatched among which it’s possible to scroll the pointer until the desired point will be acquired by clicking on the mouse left button.
Exsisting object    Acquired point    Path for the acquired point
answered 5 years ago by Scott H / Level: Engineering Manager (5,713 points)

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