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computer crashed and am trying to reinstall my copy of progecad 2008 and am having trouble

i get error stating
missing the following


trying to reinstall progecad 2008 from
external backup since computer crashed and
I had to purchase new one.
asked 4 years ago in progeCAD by cpinholster / Level: Smart End of the Tape Measure (2 points)

1 Answer

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Unless you bring back every file from that external backup including the registry and other system files progeCAD will not be able to work. Use the installer EXE that you downloaded (assuming you wrote the file to CD or USB stick) to reinstall by running the install application. That will set up the necessary file associations and settings in the registry that progeCAD needs to operate.

Also, progeCAD 2008 is not compatible with Windows 7, so if that is the new target OS you will need to upgrade. There were changes made in Win 7 that rendered all progeCAD before version 2010 as incompatible.
answered 4 years ago by Scott H / Level: Engineering Manager (5,713 points)

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