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Is Autoturn 4.2 of Transoft solutions compatible with ProgeCad?

asked 5 years ago in progeCAD by Pierluc / Level: Smart End of the Tape Measure (2 points)

1 Answer

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Without knowing more about the application it is difficult to tell if it will work, or how much work would be needed if it has the proper attributes to lend itself to work in progeCAD.

progeCAD has three API's that allow programs to "run inside" and automate the commands that run when operating an add-on application.

AutoLISP - most will run out of the box (we do not however support Visual LISP yet) but the install of many add-ons looks for AutoCAD on the disk you are installing them on so it can manipulate the startup of itself. It is possible to do the same actions manually or even to "trick" the installers into running but one must know how and what is being modified by the installer to accomplish this. It should be noted that this applies to all the api's with programs that have an installer...
SDS or Solutions Development System - C++ programs that are very similar to the
AutoCAD ADS development interface. One can simply rename function names and recompile the source code to run.
VBA or Visual Basic for Applications - Microsoft programming language using object oriented programming inside of applications like Office, usinf an object model very similar to AutoCAD. These applications are a bit more work to port to progeCAD but a good programmer can usually do so in a few days. It should be noted that Microsoft has discontinued VBA for a new similar language called VSTA.
ARX or AutoCAD Runtime Extension - Not Supported...   yet...

Bottom line? Whichever API the application add-on is written in it will require the developer of said application a little work to ensure seamless operation with progeCAD.
answered 5 years ago by admin / Level: Engineer (555 points)

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