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Loses printer settings and limits on layout, since v 2001, any fix or workaround?

I have latest ProgeCAD. All versions of IntelliCAD, including ProgeCAD, and even ******* back to prior to 2001 (e.g. v 5) lose the limits on layout tabs. This happens seemingly at random.

To make a test: Set up a new drawing. Set 'layout1' tab up with different limits (say 17,11). Set printer paper different (say 11x17 landscape). Set to use limits and center, and apply to the layout, check to save with layout. Save. Exit. Reload -- NOTE IT probably works!

Now having just loaded, be sure on model tab. Save. Exit. Restart and load. It will probably loose both the printer settings AND the limits.

In order to restore I have to set up several tabs each time I load the drawing. I have to set the layout's limits. Then printer paper size, then tab to set to use limits.

Is there a way to get it to save limits in the layout? Is there a way to get it to ACTUALLY save the printer settings with the layout?

Even trying to save the printer setup in a loadable file does not work, as it does not save all aspects and thus messes up upon restore. (Such as setting for inch paper size, so restore uses mm size and thus conflicts in the numbers.)
asked 5 years ago in progeCAD by bravoscientific / Level: Smart End of the Tape Measure (2 points)
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OH, forgot to mention:

Test is with paper space limits, paper space plotting. Do all above with a paper space setting, say with a larger model which must scale to the paper space viewport.
OK, another point: I fixed the title from "units" but meant "limits". But the save also sometimes loses the setting of the printer's units to inches from mm. Don't worry about that until first getting at the basic problem, it loses limits often, and almost all the time loses the printer page size, on the paper space. This depends partly upon which mode was in effect when the drawing was saved, as it will tend to forget the space's limits for the space not in effect--e.g. in model space on save, forgets the paper space limits. This adds to the confusion when trying to restore after reloading the drawing. To set that the limits are centered on the plotting paper size, the limits have to be set. Then the paper size has to be set. Then the selection that the limits will be the basis upon which to center on the plot has to be set, in a different printer tab.
I may have a partial workaround. But this requires discipline, and still one setup action to print:

First of all one must be vigalent in saving drawings only on the "model" tab. Otherwise the limits of the model may be lost. (This bug goes back to v5, all intellicad versions thereafter have a bug if you are not in model space it may loose the limits. Hard to believe you guys have not foubd that bug in 11 or more years!)

Then be vigalent in watching which space you are in, Paper or Model space. If saving only with the model tab selected, then upon restore of the drawing the first layout tab (layout1 if not renamed) will come up in paper space (always). But the second tab (layout2) will tend to come up in model space! You have to switch to paper space to print properly if set up to print from paper space (e.g. with a border set in paper space).

Oh, my setup: ProgeCAD 2010 pro, Windows 7. But it probably doesn't matter--note the problem goes way way back and was just as bad in XP.

Now drawing setup: Say I make limits on model space (and tab) on a new drawing at 0,0 to 100,100, and for example draw an arrow from 0,0 to 100,100 just to see it in action.

Also I'm using as example the ProgeSOFT PDF 2010, just so we all have the same printer driver. (But that won't matter, same problem on other printers.)

Now the partial workaround: I set layout 1 tab paper space to the largest limits on size of paper I will use, my paper space limits at 16,10 to fit an 11x17 in landscape with a border. NOW I set the printer to use a window from the print setup scale/view tab. By also setting the print window from 0,0 to 16,10, that at least seems to stay stuck when saving. (Still looses the paper size).

Now I typically use a second layout for a quick print, say on an 8.5x11 letter size in landscape, so window is 10,7.5. This also seems to stay put when saving.

Once again be vigalent that you are in paper space on the layout2 tab, it tends to jump to M space (another bug.....)!

I set the zoom factors in each model space of the respective layout tab to 0.1xP and 0.05xP just so the arrow fits the paper spaces and paper sizes.

Now by always returning to the model tab before saving, most things are saved properly. The only thing that gets lost is the paper size on the layout1 tab. When I go back to print, I have to set the paper size to tabloid and save to layout, then it stays during my work session.

NOW if I accidentially am in a layout tab (which is natural as I might print results and save and quit) then the limits will probably get messed up on the model space. (Once again a bug going back to v5!)

Hopefully someone will take a look at these 11 year old bugs.
If these are indeed bugs and are repeatable you can use the bug reporting form within support to docement them and get them into the hands of those who can best handle them.
I use Progecad 2009 and have the same issue.

I happens in this situation:
Paper view print is set to 11"x17"
One Viewport on the PaperView.

When pressing the printing button, the Viewport relocates itself on the Paperview and it remains at that place. The print shows the Viewport at the relocated position.

I think the issue is with Progecad having a problem when, at the beginning, the print format is switched from the default one (letter) to another format (in my case, the 11"x17").  It happens only when the Viewport size is larger than, perhaps, approximately a 8"x11" sheet size. If the Viewport size is smaller than this, it doesn't relocate by itself when printing.

So, to resume, on a 11"x17" Paperview, if the Viewport size is larger than about 8" or taller than about 11", it jumps by itself at the moment of the printing.

I do a trick that might help with this issue.  I put a second Viewport on the same Paperview, that is smaller, and points to now drawing. It seems that now the larger Viewport doesn't move anymore when printing.

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Wow,  a lot of information here to decipher. I will attempt to give a solution to the original question of how to keep the print setings between commands and/or sessions. Like all windows programs progeCAD will save settings only if one actually prints something. If you set up all settings and say print preview and then exit it does not save, it will only save by selecting print. I believe it may be different when using printer setup rather than print. See if that might help. Also, if you could break each seperate question into its own it might be asier to decipher what each question is.
answered 5 years ago by Scott H / Level: Engineering Manager (5,713 points)
I'll ask my "questions" again in another comment, let's concentrate on the first which is how to save the print size. (Q1: how to save print size so it actually stays saved, Q2: how to get it to quit losing "limits", an 11 or more year old bug.)

Scott, thanks for the idea of trying actual print. It DOES save the settings either by print or by "apply to layout" button, either print setup or actually print/plot -- but only under very limited conditions and will get lost very soon thereafter. It does not seem to matter which of the four combinations are used, it always works if you save immediately.

Use my example: Set a model space up with limits, say 100,100 on a new drawing. Draw something. Set up 'layout1' to PDF printer for example and to tabloid paper size, apply to layout. Set up the viewport so it fills the paper reasonably. (I set the printer in 'inch' mode, then viewport size of 16,10). It is important to set this viewport size as one would do on a real tabloid sized plot, so one will see the problems later.

On the print setup (or print) go to the scale/view tab and set up for print area to window. (This is the only option that will actually work--as the other options get lost, especially using 'limits' that also get lost, but that's another day...) Set the window to 0,0 to 16,10, same as the viewport. This would set up a very natural plot of the model space scaled to the paper space in a specific scale factor, which would be required for a repeatable print at the standard scale factor. One can even enter the required scale factor in decimal form into the print setup.

Then once again (as suggested) set the paper size (or guarantee still set to tabloid) and either "apply to layout" button, or "print" button.

THEN IMMEDIATELY save! Completely exit the program, just like going home for the day.

The layout tabs are very useful (if they actually worked) because you can set up a plot layout. (The whole term 'layout' and paper space vs model space are all about that.) Supposedly one could set up the viewport to the proper scale factor for a particular paper size, and put on a border in PAPER space so the border is a standard size and not resized to the specific job. Then supposedly the print as well as viewport settings would stay stuck so one can return to theat tab and print again each time one wants that view and paper size.

IT will work, just as you said!

Now come back to the drawing, and switch to the model tab. Save the drawing. Exit the program.

Do this one or two times and I guarantee that it lost the paper size when you return to the layout1 tab.
Scott (or any other ProgeCAD user), I would also like to know if other people experience the same problem. How do you set up for plotting drawings? Do you use a border and specified scale factors for plotting as is common in standard dimensional engineering drawings? If so, then how do you set up to plot? Does it stay consistent, or do you have to set up the plot each time?

So within that, assuming you might try to keep a plot setup for the layout of a drawing, can you set up a larger than letter size paper? (You can certainly do that with the included ProgeSoft PDF printer, if you don't have actual large paper hardware, but that would just be a repeat of my example above. I do have the problem on my 11x17 printer by HP, so it is not restricted to just the PDF, but I would like to see if others also have this problem with other priners.)

Then set up my basic example above, but possibly use a different size paper. Just be sure it is actually larger than letter size (the default that it always returns to) to see the problem.

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