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howto change the order of attributes

When I try to create a block with several attributes, the attributes does not apear in the order I create them.

Please help.
asked 3 years ago in progeCAD by tbjcbe / Level: Smart End of the Tape Measure (32 points)

3 Answers

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With progecad 2013 it does not work!
answered 3 years ago by tbjcbe / Level: Smart End of the Tape Measure (32 points)
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Dear progeCAD Customer,

to be able to assist you the correct way,
we'd like to receive a sample copy of the progeCAD drawing, where the mentioned block with attributes is present.
In addition, please send us the complete list of steps to reproduce the reported issue.
This way we would be able to directly check it, and to provide you the required assistance.

Please send it to the icadsupport@progecad.com email address.

We look forward to receive the required information/data. Thank you.

Best regards
answered 3 years ago by progeCAD / Level: Engineering Manager (3,688 points)
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When you are defining your block make sure you select the attributes in the order you want prompted. They will line up in the selection set that makes up the block and the software will pull them out one by one in order and place them into the block as it is creating it so that they prompt you in that order. Of course it happens with a much much higher speed, but never the less that is what is going on behind the curtain.

From OZ

answered 3 years ago by Scott H / Level: Engineering Manager (5,713 points)

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