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Adobe PDF Printer Fails, ProgeCAD PDF Printer Extremely Slow

I am running Windows 7 on a Quad-core i7. When using the PDF printer from Acrobat XI Pro the Adobe file creation status bar shows ProgeCAD zips through generating 75% of the PDF print file and then everything hangs.  I must cancel the plot to continue.  If I select any other ProgeCAD menu command the software indicates (Not Responding) and I must terminate it from Task Manager.  I can then restart ProgeCAD, recover my drawing and continue working.  I have found that I can use the ProgeCAD PDF Printer 2013 to create PDF files, but it is extremely slow.  It takes about 5 minutes to generate a PDF file.  Unlike the Adobe PDF printer the ProgeCAD PDF Printer will actually complete the printing task.  As with the Adobe PDF printer though, if I click on any menu item during the printing time cycle ProgeCAD will crash. How do I fix this so printing to a PDF file is as quick and reliable as doing it from any other software program I have loaded on my computer?
asked 3 years ago in progeCAD by mikeolski / Level: Smart End of the Tape Measure (4 points)

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try removing all pdf generators from your machine, reinstall progeCAD over the top of the existing progeCAD install, and then try your plot using the printer driving within the printer/plot command.
answered 3 years ago by Scott H / Level: Engineering Manager (5,713 points)
Problems Printing to PDF

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