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want to buy 2013 pro but have had issues with using progecadd with trimble gps pathfinder software

I have been using Progecadd 2010 pro for two years now.
Last year we decided to start using our gps unit to gather field information.
We used to use autocadd2000lt and autocadd2008.
We would use the gps unit out in the field to get the field layout and return to the office and transfer that information to my computer.
The gps unit we are using is a Trimble GeoXt.
The software that we use to receive the information is Trimlbe gps pathfinder office version 5.40
We take this gps information and export it in a dxf format to be used in our cadd program, which used to be the autocadd programs I already mentioned.
When I import these file in progecadd 2010 pro it isn't useable.
Have you had issues with using imported dxf files from gps software before?
So I have a couple of questions,
1. Can I return this program and get a refund if you cant resolve this issue?
2. You have with Progecadd 2010 pro let me download the program to both my office desktop computer and my home laptop.
( I do some work at home, 15-20% actually and I cant drag my desktop home so like autocadd, I was able to install this on both computers under one license.)
Thank you
Steve Conger
San Joaquin Sulphur Company
720 N.Sacramento St.
Lodi Ca, 95240
asked 3 years ago in progeCAD by sconger / Level: Smart End of the Tape Measure (22 points)
In regards to your questions, first, no, you can not return the software you have been using for three years for a refund. Second, the progeCAD Professional Single license allows you to install on both a desktop and a laptop to be used by the same person, but never at the same time. I will ask the support team to step in and help with the DXF problem you are having but there may be fixes in the newer versions of progeCAD which may have alleviated your problem. Please be prepared to offer a sample DXF file and a step by step instruction to help repeat your issue and an explanation of why you consider the drawings imported to be "un-useable". thank you

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Dear Steve,
to be able to correctly assist you, as you already were notified, we need to receive a sample copy of a mentioned DXF format document, and the complete list of steps that you follow to experience the unexpected behavior. In addition, please better explain your statement "when I import these file in progecad 2010 pro it isn't usable". If needed, please send us a snapshot to directly check it.
Please send the required information/data to the following email address:
Thank you.
Best regards
answered 3 years ago by progeCAD / Level: Engineering Manager (3,688 points)
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I will get you a file to examine, might be a while.
answered 3 years ago by sconger / Level: Smart End of the Tape Measure (22 points)

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