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Progecad files will not work in Autocad 2006

Trial ProgeCAD13 ( Save file in Acad v.2000 and Acad v. 2004 dwg formats. Open file in Autocad 2006. Get AEC message stating to save file in older format (did that) turn on proxygraphics (it is) or explode aec objects (not a option in progecad). As soon as I do anything with layers, layer command or lman command, acad crashes with "Internal Error: !dbpurge.cpp@941 : eInvalidInput" .  Tried exploding aec with "aecobjexplode" in acad, same results, tried saving file in different formats as well as export to dxf file, same results.  Any suggestions. I do frequently send files to other customers using Autocad or other cad programs.
asked 3 years ago in progeCAD by robbt / Level: Drafter (169 points)

2 Answers

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Sorry you are having a frustrating time working with your AutoCAD drawings. I suggest you run an Audit on the drawings (if they can be opened), or Recover (if the drawings fail to open). I'm specifically speaking about running the commands in progeCAD, NOT AutoCAD. As many customers of progeCAD can attest to, True DWG is not really the truth. There are many times whereby the dwg files will be less than quality and if cleaned up by progeCAD will allow them to be edited, and taken back to AutoCAD without failure. If you continue to have issues please send the drawing to us at icadsupport@progecad.com
answered 3 years ago by Scott H / Level: Engineering Manager (5,713 points)
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Opened file in ProgeCAD. typed "audit". Found one error and fixed it.  This error came after the program locked up after executing the "lman" command.  Still having proplems with "lman". different post. saved file. opened it with Autocad. Clicked on "layers" same error.
answered 3 years ago by robbt / Level: Drafter (169 points)

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