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Failed Layer States Manager

Not to be blunt, but "lman" sucks. Here is the process, Set on/off or freeze/thaw layers, and current layer using "layer" comand. "lman" command, "new", give it a name, all is correct settings, ok. New layer state, click "new", give it a name, "edit", change layer state and current layer, done. do this process for any number of states. now when I execute "lman", select the state wanted and "restore" layer state is restored but current layer is always incorrect. usually set to a turned or frozzen layer of the first state created. Tried "layer" first to set state then "lman" to create new state, same results. Tried using "save" after each new created state. same result. eventually a new layer state will work. But I have to delete all the other stated and start again on each new state, with the same problems.  It took me 30 min. to get 10 different layer states. But as soon as I have to edit one, back to the same problem of the new or edited layer state having the previous current layer set as current rather then the new current layer, regardless of being turned off or frozen.  In addition once I do get them working, when i restore different states, some of the text dissappears. Usually have to regen once or twice before it shows. And yes, I have had to regen three times before it showed all elements.
asked 3 years ago in progeCAD by robbt / Level: Drafter (169 points)

3 Answers

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Dear progeCAD Customer,

to be able to correctly assist you,
please send us a sample copy of a drawing that you experienced the reported issue with, where layer states are already defined.
In addition, we'd like to receive the correct list of steps, being numbered, to be able to directly verify the unexpected behavior, and a snapshot of the dialogs you interact with, where to verify your settings.

Did you install the latest progeCAD 2013 Professional version ( You could verify it in the progeCAD Help > About progeCAD menu.

We look forward to receive the required information/data. Please send them to the icadsupport@progecad.com email address. Thank you.
answered 3 years ago by progeCAD / Level: Engineering Manager (3,688 points)
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I have this issue with all drawings, new and existing.  But I may have found a solution, or at least a work around.  I enter the "lman" command, type in or select all the layer states needed, as it should be done.  Now, when I execute the "lman" command, select the state to "Restore".  I can see that the previous layer is still shown as the current layer, except it is frozen or off (tried turning layers off or on versus freezing or thawing layers with same result).  What I found is that if I hit escape twice or cancel twice it will then show the correct current layer with the correct current layer being on or thawed.

It seams that the "lman" command is not being completly executed or terminated. It has not finished.  Even though the command dialog at the bottom of the screen indicated the cammand has finished. It has not.  But hitting "cancel" twice the "Lman" command is completly executed or closed and the correct current layer is restored and shown.  It is only two button on the keyboard, but still an error in the "lman" command that I believe has existed for some time now.

I am currently running

I still do not like the idea that newly created layers have to be added to each layer state before its state can be edited as on/off or thaw/freeze.  In other words, when I create a new layer, I then have to add it to each layer state and then edit each layer state to show the new layer as being on/off or thaw/freeze.  It would be simpler to have all new layers automatically added to each layer state, thou still have to edit each layer state to show it on/off.  It could just be me.

Here is something new the "Lman".  I just clicked on the "lman" icon. clicked on "new". and the program locked up.  Cant even close ProgeCad.  Had to use task manager to force close of progecad.  Just happened today when testing results.
answered 3 years ago by robbt / Level: Drafter (169 points)
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I stand corrected.  My previous explaination of a work around to lman does not always work.  Original problem still exist.
answered 3 years ago by robbt / Level: Drafter (169 points)

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