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remove aec-objects

All my drawing or blocks were created in autocad 2006 or older. Once the drawing is edited in Progecad 13 and saved in autocad 2004 format, it can not be edited in Autocad 2006 due to AEC-Objects.  Most found with layers.  So, How do I get rid of AEC-Obj, so it can be saved and used in Autocad 2004 format? It can be opened and viewed, but as soon as I click on layers or lman, autocad crashes.
asked 3 years ago in progeCAD by robbt / Level: Drafter (169 points)

2 Answers

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AEC objects are not the product of saving with progeCAD. These are custom objects created by the Architectural version of AutoCAD called Architectural Desktop. These custom objects were the brilliant idea by Autodesk to require users to purchase their products since they can not be edited by anyone else without losing the custom information used to create them.

There is forum postings available which speak of this issue for regular ACAD users.

here: http://forums.augi.com/showthread.php?95835-problem-with-aec-objects

and Here: http://forums.augi.com/showthread.php?98467-problem-with-aec-objects&s=8af2cf192f1751f584ffcba9edd8267c

Autodesk was really helpful and made what is known as an object enabler which allowed you to do basic things to these objects as well as convert them to blocks so you could explode them. Everyone else in the value chain who wasn't using AutoCAD, tough luck. So glad they are looking out for interoperability and their fellow mankind.

Here is a blog posting we did about it: http://blog.progecad.us/2009/02/proxy-hell-objects.html

It was my understanding, at least in previous releases of progeCAD, that we would convert these objects to blocks if you chose to when you opened the drawing that had any of the Auto-proxy-hell objects in it. You could then see them, explode them, and work with them.

Didn't progeCAD ask you if you wanted to convert when you first opened the drawing?
answered 3 years ago by Scott H / Level: Engineering Manager (5,713 points)
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In answer to the last questions, No.  

Maybe a better explanation. I created a drawing template using ADT 2006. It is nothing more then a border, text styles, dim styles, layers, linetypes preloaded. No AEC object were ever created or loaded in the template. I have also created many blocks, usually detail type drawings, in ADT. Also with no AEC objects.

Now in ProgeCAD. I use the same template to start a new drawing, in progecad. Save it in autocad 2004 format. Open such drawing in ADT and get the message about aec object. To make sure proxygraphics in on, it is. Or to explode object, can't not a option in Progecad. and to resave. All that done, same message. Ignore the message and type command layers or lman and ADT crashed with an error.

This has happened with drawing created entirely in Progecad, with the exception of the template used. As well as drawing that were created in ADT 2006, loaded in ProgeCAD and edited then saved in 2004 format. Neither of witch have AEC objects in them.

Perhaps there is something in that original template, since it was created in ADT. A new template can be made, but to have to redo any ADT drawing in progecad, just so it can be used by another party, that not going to happen. Got to be another answer.
answered 3 years ago by robbt / Level: Drafter (169 points)

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