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Rotate with base angle

In the bizbit.com tutorial for roatate, it shows and Base for a choice.  My progeCAD 2013 doesn't include that option.

Picture this:  I have a rectangle and I have two polylines not related to the rectangle.  I want to rotate the rectangle by the angle between the two polylines.

Is there a way to specify the rotation angle as the difference between the two lines without either first moving the rectangle to an end of one of the lines or finding the precise angle and entering it (imprecisely)?

When I try to use progeEARTH, it doesn't recognize dprotall!
asked 2 years ago in progeCAD by KenSpurlin / Level: Drafter (144 points)

1 Answer

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Take a look at entity tracking and polar tracking to see if these might allow you to perform the measurement you are attempting. Rotating your cross hairs may also help. You can rotate them using the snap command.

We have identified the error that is causing many command failures in progeEARTH commands and our team will be working on that issue. However we don't have a schedule for the release of the fix.
answered 2 years ago by Scott H / Level: Engineering Manager (5,713 points)

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