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inverse by select with various results

I entered 4 points.  Two of them showed the point number, elevation, and description.  Two did not.  When I inverse using point numbers I get one distance, 73.3.  When I inverse by select, I get another distance, say 73.47 or maybe 73.15.  It is unpredicable.  I thought maybe one was a slope distance.  Cogo help says nothing about that.  It only cautions to be sure node snap is on.  I checked and that is not the problem.  What is going on?
asked 2 years ago in progeEARTH by KenSpurlin / Level: Drafter (144 points)

1 Answer

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When you inverse using point numbers, the program calculates the inverse from the coordinates of each point. When you inverse by selecting, the program calculates the inverse from the coordinates of the point you select. This point may or may not fall upon the node of a cogo point. Be sure that you are actually selecting a cogo point node. Since you are getting different answers, it seems that you are selecting different points. Make sure there is not another point too close that may be grabbing the snap. the program filters the elevations out, so there is no slope distance.

I do not understand why you have placed points and the attributes do not show (point no. elevation desc.)

If the program is inserting points without these attributes, there is something wrong.

Also: the point node may have been moved away from the point.
Issue this command to correct it:
DPpoints->Point Utilities->Reassociate points.
answered 2 years ago by Davep / Level: Smart End of the Tape Measure (20 points)
edited 2 years ago by Davep

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