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What flash plugin is required for 3D Video Training -- error message that says "Please install flash plugin"

I am having trouble starting 2D Video training and 3D Video training. The link that I received for 2D training just takes me back to the Enroll now screen. The email link I got for 3D displays a small error message in the the top left hand corner. "Install Flash plugin".

What flash plugin do I need or what version of flash do I need. I don't even know if I have flash installed?

Thanks, john
asked 5 years ago in progeCAD by jfeeney / Level: Smart End of the Tape Measure (2 points)

2 Answers

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The latest flash player can be added to your browser fairly easily, depending on the browser of course. Many folks still use Internet Explorer despite the quality of the experience being terrible, let alone following web standards. We highly recommend you use firefox for your web browsing. With that said you can just use google to search for latest flash player install and it should be fairly obvious how to download and install the add-in for your OS. Flash is a fallback in the case the other videos types based on h.264 are not available.

As for the 2D video not atarting correctly we will take a look and see what may have happened.
answered 5 years ago by admin / Level: Engineer (555 points)
edited 5 years ago by admin
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I believe we fixed the error with the 3D video. We had an older style embed statement and we updated it to the newer style and I think it should work for most browsers. I have not had any complaints so far after we changed to that embed so hopefully it will work for you now. Also, would it be possible for you to send us a copy of the email that puts you back on the enroll now page. You can send via email to info at progecad.us.
answered 5 years ago by admin / Level: Engineer (555 points)

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