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Why does the entity still displays in the viewport after selecting, using freeze layer icon - regen does not work.

In layout within viewport (Model Mode).  Selected the freeze layer button to freeze in viewport.  selected the entity(text) of a xref drawing.  program indicated layer is frozen, but text is still displayed.  Did regen command, but test is still displayed.  Did a reload on xref, but no effect.  The visretain was already set to on.
asked 2 years ago in progeCAD by RAD / Level: Smart End of the Tape Measure (6 points)

1 Answer

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Dear RAD,

we were able to directly check your report; after you click the Freeze layer button, to freeze elements inside a viewport, these remain visible.
We suggest you to verify that, if you save your drawing, thereafter, close and re-open it, the elements that you wanted to no longer be visible won't be displayed.
Your report, however, was forwarded to the progeCAD Development Team. They will investigate it to focus a solution. This will probably be available in a future, yet not defined, progeCAD version.
Thank you for highlighting an unexpected behavior.

Best regards
answered 2 years ago by progeCAD / Level: Engineering Manager (3,668 points)

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