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Having problem today. Program will not open any.DWG file, even ones I previously worked on. WHat is the issue?

Starting yesterday, I cannot open files I worked with historically. Or new opens sent to me to be worked on. Has Microsoft issued some update which is causing the issue???  I have ProgeCAD 2013 Professional.
asked 2 years ago in progeCAD by MikeC / Level: Smart End of the Tape Measure (4 points)

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How do you mean progeCAD stopped opening drawings. Do you mean when you double click a drawing in Windows file manager or Windows explorer it does not open a file? Or do you mean that when you have progeCAD running and select open from the file menu the drawing you select does not open?

If the former, chances are your file associations may have been changed, either by a program you installed, or by some other quirt of Windows. The file associations in Windows allow you to associate the .dwg extension with the command to open progeCAD and open the file. These are external to progeCAD and while being associated when you installed, they can be changed by external factors which progeCAD can not control.

If you are saying progeCAD just won't open any .dwg no matter if you try opening inside of progeCAD or outside by double clicking a file that's a very strange error which has not been reported as a problem before. I would recommend re-installing progeCAD from your backup. No need to uninstall before installing, just go right over the top.
answered 2 years ago by Scott H / Level: Engineering Manager (5,713 points)

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