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Can I install then uninstall the 2011 trial (if I decide not to keep it) without affecting my current 2010 installation?

asked 5 years ago in progeCAD by m2os1 / Level: Smart End of the Tape Measure (9 points)

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I am not 100% certain but this has been the case in the past. Even if there is a problem, you can reinstall progeCAD 2010 over the top of the existing install (2010) and have it available just as if you never installed 2011. There will always be the issue of who gets to open DWG files from the windows explorer, always being given permission to the last installed progeCAD, thus 2011 will take over file associations when you install. You can either reset manually via your windows explorer (not internet explorer) or you can reinstall 2010 to get those back. Hope that makes sense. If you need to reinstall 2010 just remember that you need not uninstall before installing, in fact, that would cause progeCAD to need to be registered again with the serial number (no problems but the pain of a longer install process).
answered 5 years ago by admin / Level: Engineer (555 points)

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