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I have used plugins for AutoCAD in the past, are there any for progeCAD?

Often I am performing work for more than just walls, doors, and windows type of architecture design. I often find that I need to add the plumbing plans, or detail the electrical setup of a building. With AutoCAD we could buy add-ons that one could use to design these other systems without having to redraw everything by hand... Are their any plugins for progeCAD?
asked 5 years ago by ColbyJackel / Level: CAD Student (49 points)

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Thanks to progeCAD's powerful programming API (support for Automation programs), the construction of simple routines or complete and complex applications is very easy.
In particular, we develop low-cost packages aimed at various markets.
There are also available on the market third party products by companies other than ProgeSOFT North America.
Thanks to the high level of compatibility between the programming interfaces of progeCAD and AutoCAD, it is very easy to adapt existing applications to this platform.
Thanks to the increasing diffusion of IntelliCAD, we believe that many of the applications currently on the market for the AutoCAD platform will continue to be ported to progeCAD IntelliCAD.
answered 5 years ago by Scott H / Level: Engineering Manager (5,713 points)

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